Two Ways Veneers Can Make Your Smile Dazzle

Do you have a big event coming up, but are not happy about the appearance of your smile?  Has your smile faded over time and you simply want the sparkle back?  You are in luck.  Dental veneers are an extremely popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry today, and are used for either aesthetic purposes or when front teeth are damaged, chipped or broken.  A veneer is custom fabricated to perfectly fit your teeth and are made of ceramic material that has the appearance and translucency of natural teeth.  Veneers are a classic treatment used to create a much-anticipated Hollywood smile. Call Northland Dental Centre for more information on veneers in London, ON today!
Worn Down and Damaged Teeth
As you age the thin, tough outer surface that coats your teeth, called enamel, can wear and look dulled, stained and discolored.  It can also occur as a result of certain medications, but it is most often due to habits such as tooth grinding, poor oral hygiene and the consumption of carbonated and sugary soft drinks such as coke.  Smoking can also contribute to the staining of your teeth.
Over time your teeth will naturally wear down just like your shoes or tires on your car.  Everyday functions, such as biting, eating and chewing wear away your teeth, causing them to become cracked and chipped.  Veneers are used to mask these dental problems, allowing you to smile with confidence.
Crooked Teeth and Accidental Damage
A common problem for patients is that teeth can naturally be crooked or can become crooked over time with age or by losing neighboring teeth through complications such as gum disease.  Crooked teeth can be treated using orthodontic braces or clear aligners, but treatment with these can be up to two years before any results are seen.  Veneers are often referred to as instant orthodontics as they cover up imperfections of slightly crooked teeth. 
Additionally, you can also chip or damage your teeth due to trauma from sports or simply falling and banging your front tooth.  Composite resin can be used to build the tooth back up, although porcelain veneers last longer and are less likely to become easily stained.  Whether your tooth is chipped or slightly crooked, veneers can be a quick fix for restoring your smile’s appearance.
Veneers are not for everyone, which is why it is important to schedule an appointment with one of our London dentists.  Upon review and diagnosis, our dentists in London, ON will assess and develop a proper treatment plan for enhancing the appearance of your smile.