Restore The Health Of Your Smile With Dental Implants

Modern dental implant designs have been available since the 1970s, but have surged in popularity in more recent times. It's now estimated that half a million new implants are placed each year. They offer a way to fully replace a lost tooth so that you'll have the same oral function as before. When you find out how dental implants can restore and strengthen your smile you may decide that it's time to talk to your London dentists at Northland Dental Centre about them as soon as possible.

What Are Dental Implants?
In 1965, a surgeon learned that when you put a piece of titanium metal into bone tissue it eventually becomes a part of that tissue. Decades later, this technique is still used in dental offices to give people newly rooted teeth. A dental implant is inserted into healthy bone tissue and months later it becomes a permanent part of the jaw. It's a solution that many patients prefer over dentures and bridges. 

Life with Dental Implants 
The success rate for dental implant surgeries is very high (over 95 percent by some accounts). With regular care and checkup appointments, they can last for many decades. The wonderful thing about having a dental implant is that you can live a normal life without ever even thinking about your replacement tooth. The only person who will know that you have it is your London dentist.

How Dental Implants Make Your Smile Healthier
Implants help keep your jaw bone tissue healthy and strong. When you have a denture, the gumline is only covered up—it is more susceptible to the invasion of bad bacteria. Bone tissue eventually goes away if there isn't a tooth in the socket. Dental implants also make your smile healthier because when your teeth look good, you take pride in them and take better care of them. 

Restore Your Smile
With the help of Dr. Adam Burton and everyone at Northland Dental Centre in London, Ontario you can achieve a healthier and stronger smile with dental implants. Call (519) 455-2551 today to schedule a consultation and find more information about dental implants at