5 Major Dental Issues That Cause Headaches

Dental HeadacheSymptoms of dental issues aren't limited to mouth pain. If you suffer chronic headaches, the problem could be your teeth or jaw, so you may want to visit your dentist when constant head pain is interrupting your life.
There are all sorts of reasons you might have a headache, but many of them are related to issues in and around your mouth. Here are some of the most common dental issues that may be causing your headaches.

Muscle Fatigue

The muscles in your jaw don't get much of a break, because even when you're sleeping, they're engaged. If something in your jaw or mouth is off, the muscle imbalance may cause some muscles to work harder than others, leaving you achy.

Referred Pain

Pain throughout the body sometimes manifests itself in a headache. You may feel discomfort in your jaw, cheek or tooth, but the pain may also be referred to another part of your head, meaning an issue with a single tooth could trigger regular headaches.

Teeth Grinding

Maybe you wake up each morning, wondering why your jaw is sore or you always have a headache during the day. You may not realize it, but you may be grinding your teeth while sleeping. Your dentist will be able to tell if you have this problem and can fit you for a protective mouth piece, if necessary. That may relieve your head pain.


TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is a term assigned to a variety of issues related to the jaw joints and muscles. TMJ may be tied to arthritis, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, jaw injury or displaced cartilage in the jaw. Your dentist may be able to provide one of several treatments to relieve TMJ, some of which are surgical.

Bite Issues

Pain may be a side-effect of misalignment between your upper and lower jaw. It may be an underbite or an assortment of common bite issues; no matter the diagnosis, your dentist can go over your options for correcting your bite and alleviating the related headaches.

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